Highlighting Innovation and Collaboration: Insights from the 3rd Plenary Meeting and Demo Day of the TeleRehaB DSS Project in Bangkok

The Horizon 2021 Project TeleRehaB DSS successfully hosted its 3rd Plenary Meeting from December 13th to 15th, 2023, at the King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, facilitated by Chulalongkorn University. This strategic assembly underscored our commitment to merging healthcare with advanced technology to prevent falls among the elderly, a pivotal concern in global health. This article delineates the critical discussions, technological demonstrations, and collaborative endeavors that characterized the event.

A Hybrid Model of Engagement

Set within the Ananda Mahidol Building’s School of Global Health meeting room, the event exemplified a hybrid model, accommodating both in-person and remote participation. This approach not only facilitated a wider reach but also demonstrated the project’s adaptability and commitment to inclusivity, reflecting a modern approach to global collaboration.

Demo Day: Showcasing Technological Advances

The Demo Day featured prominently in our agenda, with a series of presentations and workshops that highlighted the project’s latest advancements. The day commenced with an insightful opening speech, accessible here: [TeleRehaB DSS Demo Day 2023 Opening] setting the tone for a day dedicated to innovation.

Key talks from clinical and technical partners provided comprehensive insights into the integration of telemedicine for enhancing elderly care. Notably, the workshop “Transitioning from the HOLOBalance to the TeleRehaB DSS system,” showcased through Hardware User Acceptance Test & Patient Feedback offered a practical demonstration of the system’s impact on its end users, emphasizing the project’s user-centric approach.

Plenary Sessions: Strategic Discussions for Forward Movement

Following the Demo Day, the plenary sessions delved into strategic discussions on various project facets, from management and coordination to the development of AI-based DSS models. These discussions were pivotal in outlining the project’s trajectory and ensuring alignment with its objectives. The comprehensive approach to project development was evident in sessions focused on user-centric platform design and AI prognostics, highlighting a forward-thinking strategy in addressing healthcare challenges.

Beyond Formal Discussions: Fostering Connections

The event also prioritized networking and team-building, with activities designed to strengthen partnerships and foster a sense of community among participants. These informal gatherings were crucial in building a collaborative environment conducive to innovation and mutual understanding.

Conclusion and Forward Look

The 3rd Plenary Meeting and Demo Day not only showcased the TeleRehaB DSS Project’s significant strides in telemedicine but also reinforced the importance of collaborative innovation in healthcare. As we advance, the insights and developments shared during this event are instrumental in shaping a future where technology enhances elderly care, promoting independence and safety. The project remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of healthcare innovation, with a keen focus on impactful outcomes and strategic advancements.

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