Presenting the TeleRehaB DSS Programme: Collaboration Between Health Innovation Network and UCL

On Monday, April 8, 2024, the Health Innovation Network and UCL teams came together to showcase the TeleRehaB DSS programme to a group of professionals at the Audiovestibular Medicine & Audiology Clinical Governance Meeting. With 53 attendees joining the two-hour Zoom call, the session aimed to introduce the project, demonstrate the Clinician’s Dashboard, and gather valuable feedback.

 Setting the Stage

The meeting commenced with a warm welcome from Brooke Nairn of UCL, who outlined the objectives of the session. Following this, Marousa Pavlou (UCL) provided an overview of the TeleRehaB DSS system, setting the context for the demonstration. Fabio Lopes from UNINOVA then introduced the Clinician’s Dashboard, highlighting its features and functionalities.

Collecting Feedback

To gather comprehensive feedback, two methods were employed:

1. Online Surveys: Participants were invited to respond to the System Usability Scale (SUS) and User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ) surveys, giving their consent to participate and share personal data.

2. Breakout Groups:  Attendees were divided into small groups for more detailed discussions. Each group had a moderator from the Health Innovation Network (HIN) or UCL to facilitate the conversation and take notes.

 Interactive Session

The interactive nature of the meeting allowed for in-depth exploration of the TeleRehaB DSS programme and the Clinician’s Dashboard. The breakout sessions provided a platform for participants to share their insights, ask questions, and offer constructive feedback on the project’s elements.

Moving Forward

The session concluded with a final Q&A segment, where attendees had the opportunity to address any remaining queries. Closing remarks wrapped up the productive two-hour meeting, leaving participants with a clear understanding of the TeleRehaB DSS programme and its potential impact on audiovestibular medicine and audiology.

 Looking Ahead

The collaboration between the Health Innovation Network and UCL in presenting the TeleRehaB DSS programme was a resounding success. By engaging professionals in meaningful dialogue and feedback, the project is poised to refine its tools and methodologies, ensuring greater efficacy and user satisfaction. This meeting not only showcased the innovative Clinician’s Dashboard but also reinforced the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing healthcare solutions.

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