TeleRehaB DSS at Digital Transformation Week: Revolutionizing Health Care Delivery

TeleRehaB DSS is set to make a significant impact at the upcoming Digital Transformation Week, especially through its participation in the workshop titled “Transformation of the Health Care Delivery through e/m Health Services” (WS105). This event offers a prime opportunity to showcase the advancements and collaborative efforts of the TeleRehaB DSS project, highlighting contributions from key members such as Maria Haritou and Brooke Nairn.

Event Overview

Workshop Title:Transformation of the Health Care Delivery through e/m Health Services 

Date and Time:27 June, 15:00-16:20 & 16:40-18:00 

Location:Lagoon III, Madeira Island, Portugal 

Link to Workshop Details: [WS105 Workshop](

Digital technologies are revolutionizing health care from prevention to treatment. This workshop will explore the opportunities and challenges of e/m Health services through the lens of various groundbreaking projects. Among these, TeleRehaB DSS stands out for its innovative approach to remote rehabilitation for balance disorders.

 Key Participants from TeleRehaB DSS

Maria Haritou: As the Research Director at ICCS – Institute of Communication and Computer Systems and the project coordinator, Maria Haritou will moderate the workshop, bringing her extensive expertise in digital health technologies. Her leadership has been instrumental in driving the success of the TeleRehaB DSS project.

Brooke Nairn: A Chartered Physiotherapist and a PhD candidate at UCL, Brooke Nairn will be one of the speakers, presenting the TeleRehaB DSS system. Her clinical background and research focus on remote rehabilitation make her insights invaluable for the workshop.

 Workshop Focus

The workshop aims to delve into the progress and findings of several key projects, discussing how digital technologies can enhance health care services. TeleRehaB DSS will highlight its advancements in remote rehabilitation for balance disorders, demonstrating how it leverages technology to deliver effective and accessible care.

Topics to be Covered:

– Digital health services

– Data analytics

– Security, privacy, and ethics

– Prescription-reimbursement models

 Other Projects Featured

In addition to TeleRehaB DSS, the workshop will feature discussions on:

– Retention Project: Heart failure monitoring

– DIOPTRA Project:Colorectal cancer prevention and early diagnosis

– Bio-Streams: Childhood obesity prevention and follow-up

– PHOREVER Project: Stroke and pancreatic cancer detection via advanced photonics and data processing

– SMART BEAR EU: Health monitoring, prevention, and disease management for the elderly

– Miratar Project: Virtual caregivers for older adults

– SHAPES H2020: Long-term healthy and active ageing

Importance of the Workshop

This workshop provides a platform for discussing the integration of digital technologies in health care, focusing on practical applications and potential challenges. The insights shared by experts like Maria Haritou and Brooke Nairn will be crucial for understanding how projects like TeleRehaB DSS can transform health care delivery, making it more efficient and inclusive.

Join Us

Don’t miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of digital health transformation. The workshop promises to be an enlightening session, offering a comprehensive view of how digital innovations are reshaping the health care landscape.

More about MDTWeek

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Madeira Island, Portugal, MDTWeek runs from June 20th to 28th, 2024. This summit, alongside the esteemed 30th ICE/IEEE ITMC Conference, EIT Health, NITIM Graduate School, and CyberSecPro Project, promises to be a convergence of minds, ideas, and opportunities in the field of digital transformation.

Stay tuned for more updates and join us in exploring the future of health care!

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